Thursday, 19 August 2010

August Birthday Card No 4!

I've finally finished the August cards just in time for Hubby's Birthday tomorrow!  

Although I started working on this card first it's actually the last Birthday card to be finished cos I couldn't make up my mind what the punchline inside would be!  I finally settled on "...but never mind, I suppose you'll do!"

I've used the MCS Deco Follies for the background images and the Festive Deco Follies CD for the figure images.  I printed off an additional gentleman ("Clyde") so I could raise him off the page to give some depth to the card.
I've added some Sakura clear glaze to give the shoes a polished look and also some on "Clyde's" hair to give a "Brylcreamed" shiny haired look.  The young lady ("Beaulah") has had the Quickie glue pen/pearlescent ultra fine glitter treatment to her dress.  

Must admit I really like Nancy Watt's Deco Follies artwork, it's lovely  to work with.

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