Sunday, 24 May 2015

Spellbinders Sapphire Update

After posting on Tuesday night about the new Spellbinders Sapphire I had put away all the bits and pieces and sorted through my existing dies to see which ones would also work with it. Once I had done that I got together some scraps of cardstock and decided to get making some die cuts with some of the new Sapphire dies. I put my hand into the packaging to lift a couple of them out when I felt a sharp pain in one of my fingers, when I took my hand out the packet I found the small butterfly die was stuck into my finger and had to be carefully removed - drawing blood in the process!

On closer inspection of the butterfly die I found more sharp points, two being extremely sharp. Thoughts of making cards soon disappeared and I took photographs of the die showing where the sharp points were and sent emails to both Create and Craft, where I bought it, and to Spellbinders who manufactured it.

So far I am unimpressed by the responses from both companies.  I posted a warning on the Facebook group I belong to and others have now said that they too had been hurt or cut whilst handling the butterfly die. Spellbinders have since admitted that there is a fault with the die template in it being too sharp but neither they or Create and Craft have issued a warning to customers. On their Facebook page C&C have ignored any posts mentioning the problems with the die while other posts praising the Sapphire have been replied to! It took C&C almost 5 days to even acknowledge my email and only then after I emailed a senior exec!

The Senior Exec has said he is away until Tuesday but will contact me on his return.

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