Sunday, 20 September 2015

Be You!

Not blogged for about 2 weeks, unfortunately when my son had our wee Jack Russell out for a walk it was attacked by a the same Husky that attacked him almost 3 years ago and it has left him rather traumatised so I've been having to look after him. My boy rather shaken especially as they were chased all the way into our front garden with the Husky's owner hauling it off Jack on our doorstep! Whilst he wasn't as badly injured this time he's still been in a lot of pain and it was nearly a week before he was able to go for a walk/hobble outwith the back garden.

The Police, actually came out to get a statement this time because it was the same dog who had attacked him before, that and the fact he was being walked by a youngster when it happened. The PC said that a report would be sent to the Fiscal.  The local Dog Warden has  also contacted us and told us that there will now be a Control Order put on the Husky. Shortly after the last attack it was seen with a muzzle on and was kept on the lead but that didn't last long, hopefully this time they'll take heed.  We've certainly noticed that they have changed the route they walk and no longer pass our house!

A couple of days ago my son announced it was one of his friend's Birthday and there were plans that some way or another there would be a party. This particular friend is embracing his inner Emo/Goth look at the moment and has a habit of "borrowing" his sister's eye make-up. We have had discussions on the merits of eye pencil over liquid liner etc so I thought for his Birthday I would treat him to some eye-liner and related bits and bobs of his very own. I also thought I'd make him a card using one of the Tim Holtz Bird Crazy Stamps combined with a Dyan Reaveley sentiment that I think sums up individuality - "Be you, the world will adjust".


PayPer Box -  Kraft,
Image Super Smooth - White 300gsm
Stampers Anonymous - Tim Holtz Bird Crazy,
Ranger - Dyan Reaveley - Laugh Til You Leak,
Crafter's Companion - Moonbeam Meadow
Memento - Tuxedo Black
Letraset Promarkers


  1. Love this card! Hope your boy and pup are doing well and have had no more attacks from the Huskey.

  2. Thank you!

    Both boys staying well clear of the Husky! The owner was told it has to be kept on lead when out & so far seems to be doing what he's been told.