Thursday, 25 June 2015

Spellbinders Sapphire Butterfly Die Update II

A package from Spellbinders finally arrived at my doorstep.

I saw it was a biggish box, "Oooh" I thought, "this could be interesting"! That thought last but a nanosecond when the postie handed it to me and it was as light as a feather!


No wonder it was so light, when I opened the box all it contained was a lot of screwed up kraft paper and a sheet of bubble wrap (have they never heard of "Jiffy" bags?) bundled around a tiny cello bag containing the new die! Yep that was it, no letter of apology, not even a compliments slip and certainly no sign of any goodwill gesture for alerting them to problem in the first place!!! I think they probably spent more on the packaging than they did to make the die, the customs slip gave the die's value as $1 or around 65p!

Here are the two butterfly die together to show how it's been modified with a rounder interior to the wings:

As for Create and Craft, the company who sold the Spellbinders Sapphire with the die set, I've heard nothing since I was contacted on 27 May 2015. The person from the Customer Service Escalation Team told me they would keep me informed of the progress of my complaint - mind you, there are a lot of unhappy people posting to their Facebook page at the moment so maybe they're busy sorting them out first!!!

Neither company seem anxious to make the problem known and it would appear that if you have one of the sharp dies it will only be replaced if you contact Karen Haas Spellbinders' Care & Customer Support Manager with a photo of the offending item.  (Karen was also the contact who arranged a replacement handle for my original GC when it snapped off.)  

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